5 Common Gentrax Generator Problems (With Fixes)

Gentrax is a renowned name in the world of generators, delivering a range of products that promise efficiency, durability, and optimum performance. However, as with any piece of machinery, occasional issues can arise.

In this article, we delve deep into common problems faced by Gentrax generator users and provide their easy fixes.

Gentrax Generator Problems

Gentrax Generator Problems

1 . Generator Won’t Start

The most common reason why a Gentrax generator won’t start is due to an issue with the fuel system.

This can typically be attributed to stale fuel, a clogged fuel filter, or problems with the carburetor.

Other potential causes could be associated with the battery or the spark plug.

If your generator has not been used for a long period, the battery might be dead, or the spark plug may have accumulated dirt.


To resolve the issue, start by checking the fuel system. If the fuel is stale, replace it with fresh fuel. If the fuel filter is clogged, clean or replace it.

For issues with the carburetor, it is recommended to get professional assistance as it requires specialized skills to fix.

In case of a battery-related problem, you may need to recharge or replace the battery.

Lastly, if the spark plug is the issue, clean it thoroughly or replace it if necessary. Always remember, that regular maintenance is the key to preventing these common issues.

2 . Insufficient Power Output

The most common reason for insufficient power output from a Gentrax generator is often related to the load being too high.

This can happen when too many appliances or devices are connected to the generator simultaneously, exceeding its maximum capacity.

Another cause could be inappropriate fuel mix, as improper ratios of fuel to oil can significantly affect the power output.

Component wear and tear or mechanical issues may also lead to this problem.


If the load is too high, try disconnecting some appliances or devices until the power output stabilizes.

For issues related to fuel mix, ensure that you are following the recommended fuel to oil ratio as specified in your generator’s manual.

If wear and tear or mechanical issues are suspected, it may be necessary to have the generator serviced by a professional.

Remember, routine maintenance and adhering to usage guidelines can help prevent power output issues.

3 . Overheating Issues

The main cause of overheating issues in a Gentrax generator could be poor ventilation or clogged air filters, leading to restricted airflow.

It can also occur due to low oil levels, as oil plays a key role in cooling the engine.

Additionally, continuous heavy load or running the generator beyond its rated capacity can cause the engine to overheat.


To mitigate overheating issues, ensure your generator is located in a well-ventilated area to promote sufficient airflow.

Regularly clean or replace clogged air filters to maintain free air circulation around the engine.

Check the oil levels frequently and top up if necessary, maintaining a proper oil level is crucial for the cooling system.

If the generator is running under continuous heavy load, consider reducing the load to allow the engine to cool down. If problems persist, seek professional help.

Remember, prevention through regular maintenance is better than seeking a cure.

4 . Frequent Unexpected Shutdowns

The prevalent reason for frequent unexpected shutdowns in a Gentrax generator could be linked to faulty wiring or electrical issues.

This can be due to wear and tear of the wiring over time or due to pests damaging the wires.

Another common cause could be insufficient fuel or oil levels, a generator may automatically shut down if fuel or oil levels are too low as a protection mechanism.

Lastly, overheating can also result in shutdowns, as the generator tries to prevent damage to its internal components.


To address the issue of unexpected shutdowns, begin with inspecting the wiring and electrical components of your generator for any visible signs of damage.

If damaged, consider getting them replaced by a professional.

Ensure that your generator’s fuel and oil levels are adequate before starting it. If low, refill as per the recommended levels mentioned in the generator’s user manual.

If overheating is the suspected cause, refer to the previous section on ‘Overheating Issues’ for remedies.

Regular service and prompt addressing of any issues are paramount in preventing these unexpected shutdowns.

5 . Excessive Noise or Vibrations

Excessive noise or vibrations from your Gentrax generator can primarily be attributed to loose parts or improper installation.

Over time, parts of the generator may become loose due to frequent usage or vibrations, resulting in increased noise levels.

In other cases, if the generator is not installed on a level surface or if the anti-vibration mounts are worn out, it might result in excessive vibrations.


To rectify the problem of excessive noise or vibrations, check all parts of the generator to ensure they are securely attached.

Tighten any loose parts, as this can significantly reduce noise levels. It’s also essential to ensure that the generator is installed on a flat, stable surface.

If the issue persists despite these measures, the problem might lie with the anti-vibration mounts. In such cases, replace the worn-out mounts.

As always, routine maintenance and proper installation are crucial in preventing noise and vibration issues.


In conclusion, encountering problems with your Gentrax generator can be quite a setback, especially when you’re relying on it for power supply.

However, most common issues such as problems with the fuel system, insufficient power output, overheating, unexpected shutdowns, and excessive noise or vibrations, can be mitigated with regular maintenance and proper usage.

Ensuring your generator is correctly installed, routinely serviced and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions can prevent many of these issues from arising in the first place.


What can cause a Gentrax generator to have insufficient power output?

Insufficient power output can be due to an excessive load, improper fuel mix, or component wear and tear.

Why is my Gentrax generator overheating?

Overheating can occur due to poor ventilation, low oil levels, or continuous heavy load on the generator.

Why does my Gentrax generator shut down unexpectedly?

Unexpected shutdowns can be caused by faulty wiring, insufficient fuel or oil levels, or overheating.

What causes excessive noise or vibrations in my Gentrax generator?

Excessive noise or vibrations can be due to loose parts, improper installation, or worn-out anti-vibration mounts.

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