Kipor Diesel Generator Not Starting [How to Fix]

A Kipor Diesel Generator is a reliable power source that can deliver efficient energy solutions, ensuring you are never left without electricity.

However, like any mechanical device, it can sometimes fail to start, leaving one perplexed and frustrated.

This document aims to provide comprehensive solutions to common issues that may prevent your Kipor Diesel Generator from starting, enabling you to troubleshoot and resolve these problems effectively and efficiently.

Kipor Diesel Generator Not Starting

1 . Insufficient Fuel Supply

One of the most common reasons why a Kipor Diesel Generator may fail to start is due to an insufficient fuel supply.

This issue can arise due to a couple of reasons: you’ve simply run out of fuel, there’s a clog in the fuel line, or there’s an issue with the fuel pump. Remember, generators require a steady flow of fuel to operate efficiently.


To solve this issue, first, check your fuel gauge to ensure you have enough diesel in your tank. If the tank is empty, refill it. If you do have fuel, inspect the fuel line for any blockages and clean it if necessary.

If the problem persists, you may need to check the fuel pump and, if needed, replace it.

2 . Faulty Starter Motor

The starter motor is a critical component in starting your Kipor Diesel Generator. If it’s faulty, your generator may not start.

This can happen due to wear and tear, electrical faults, or a bad connection.

A clicking sound when you try to start the generator often indicates a problem with the starter motor.


To address this, test the starter motor using a multimeter. If it shows low resistance, it’s likely faulty and needs replacement.

When replacing, ensure you purchase a starter motor compatible with your generator model.

3 . Damaged Ignition Switch

A damaged ignition switch can prevent your Kipor Diesel Generator from starting. The ignition switch initiates the starter motor, which in turn starts the generator.

Over time, the ignition switch can wear out or get damaged due to moisture, dirt, or mechanical failure. When the ignition switch fails, it breaks the start circuit preventing the generator from starting.


If you suspect the ignition switch is the problem, you will need to test it to confirm. This can be done using a multimeter to check for continuity when the switch is turned to the ‘ON’ position.

If there’s no continuity, the switch is faulty. Replacing the ignition switch should solve the problem. Be sure to purchase a switch that is compatible with your specific generator model.

If you’re not comfortable performing this task, seek assistance from a professional.

4 . Blocked Fuel Filter

A blocked fuel filter is another common issue that can prevent your Kipor Diesel Generator from starting.

The fuel filter’s role is to ensure clean fuel is supplied to the engine by filtering out impurities. However, over time, dirt and debris can accumulate, causing the filter to become blocked.

This blockage can restrict the fuel flow, preventing the generator from getting the necessary amount of fuel to start.


If you suspect a blocked fuel filter, the first step is to inspect it. If it is visibly dirty, it needs to be replaced.

Replacement fuel filters are readily available and relatively easy to install. After replacing the filter, check if the generator starts.

5 . Dead or Weak Battery

A dead or weak battery is one of the most prevalent reasons your Kipor Diesel Generator may refuse to start. The battery supplies the electrical power necessary to start the generator.

Over time, batteries can lose their capacity to hold a charge, due to aging, lack of maintenance, or exposure to extreme weather conditions.

This diminished capacity may not provide the required power to crank up the generator, leading to start-up failure.


If your generator doesn’t start, your immediate reaction should be to check the battery. Use a voltmeter to measure the battery voltage. If it’s below 12 volts, you may need to recharge or replace your battery.

Ensure that your new battery is compatible with your generator model. Regular maintenance, like cleaning the battery terminals and checking the electrolyte levels, can extend the battery life.

However, if you don’t feel confident performing these steps, it’s advisable to get help from a professional.

6 . Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is another typical reason your Kipor Diesel Generator may not start.

The air filter’s function is to purify the air entering the engine, filtering out dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Over time, these impurities can accumulate in the filter, blocking it.

A blocked filter restricts the airflow necessary for the combustion process, resulting in the generator failing to start.


If you notice a problem with the generator starting, inspect the air filter. If it appears dirty or clogged, it’s time for a replacement.

Air filter replacements are generally inexpensive and simple to install. After replacing the filter, try starting the generator.

Continuing this practice of regular air filter replacement can prevent future start-up issues. If you are not confident in performing this task yourself, seek professional help to ensure it is done correctly.


In conclusion, a non-starting Kipor Diesel Generator can often be a symptom of various underlying issues, such as insufficient fuel supply, a faulty starter motor, a damaged ignition switch, a blocked fuel filter, a dead or weak battery, or a clogged air filter.

However, by understanding these potential problems and their solutions, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve these issues.

This not only ensures the longevity of your generator but also its optimal operation, thereby providing you with a reliable power source when you need it most.


Why does my Kipor Diesel Generator fail to start?

Your generator may not start due to several reasons such as insufficient fuel supply, a faulty starter motor, a damaged ignition switch, a blocked fuel filter, a dead or weak battery, or a clogged air filter.

What should I do if my generator’s starter motor is faulty?

If the starter motor is faulty, it needs to be replaced. It’s recommended to contact a professional for this task.

How often should I replace the fuel filter?

A fuel filter should be replaced every year or after 500 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

How can I prevent my generator from having a dead or weak battery?

Regular checks and maintenance of the battery, along with proper storage, can prevent it from becoming weak or dead.

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